Edge banding machine

Factory Direct Sale,unbeatable quality and price, Automatic edge banding machine


Edge banding machine

Factory Direct Sale,unbeatable quality and price, Automatic edge banding machine



It is a cost-effective multifunctional edge banding machine for start-up furniture factories and woodworking equipment shops, and a flexible operator for large furniture factories to improve the efficiency of straight and profiled edge banding. More addtional functions can be offered ,such as drilling ,laser ,scraper ,double glue box top and bottom ones

Premilling unit with 2 diamond cutters

  • Milling adopts diamond spiral double milling knife to retouch the corrugated marks.
  • Pre-milling unit with activation controlled diamond cutters, individual unit with cover.
  • 2 kW (3 HP), pre-milling cutters with diamond cutters width 65mm; ensures right-angled and chip free workpiece edge.

Power Driven and conical rollers

  • One active press wheel, Three driven press wheels, Three straight wheels, to meet the sealing edge with the firm fit of the board,
  • Each pressure wheel is equipped with automatic glue scraper at the same time, can effectively ensure the stability of the sealing edge.
  • Different strcuture will be different pressure roller 

Corner rounding unit

  • Corner rounding unit to round the 4 corners, is equipped with 2 HF motors to get a smoother corner effect
  • Corner rounding unit for soft and post-forming workpieces for the processing of the ends of the panel with 0.4-3.0 mm edge material and 10-40 mm workpiece height

Scraping unit

  • Rounded scraping edge trimming off the residual knife pattern when trimming, so that the edge out more perfect
  • Upper and lower radius scraper for the processing of 2 mm plastic edge material with R2 cutter.
  • If customer has 3mm thickness edge belt will use R3 cutter

Automatic Edge Banding Machine

The Perfect Working Process for every
Furniture Project by Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

Get the perfect finish on every piece of furniture with our trusted and full range of edge banding machine.

Wide Range Of Edge Banding Tapes,More for Option

Edge Tapes
Edge Tapes
Edge Tapes
Edge Tapes

Wide Range Of Plates,More for Option

Hot Melt Glue Types With Different Machine Structures,laser Edge Banding Machine for Option



Yiptech hot selling edge bander machine is the best choice for woodworking factory.

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Customer Reviews And Testimonals

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Amir Azatar Factory Operator

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost .love yiptech edge banders , It's the best edge banding machines I've ever used. The results are amazing and it's so easy to use. I can't believe how well it works and how much better my factories . Thank you, yiptech team, for creating such an incredible product!

Ricardo Ray Project Manager

I'm really impressed with yiptech, It's a cost-effective edge bander machine that can help you write high-quality and high effecicty edge banding for furniture to start my business . I found it to be easy to use and it produced some great results. My orders increased after using the mini edge banders and my manufacturing cost was also decrease. Overall, I highly recommend this edge bander for anyone who needs help effective work

Goran Majeed Marketing Manager

I love the ease of use and the high quality of edge bander generates. I've used it to edge different materials like pvc ,ABS ,arcylic ... and the results have been great. The edge banding is well edge band for furntiure and really helped increase my order. Overall, I highly recommend yiptech edge bander and pur one for anyone who needs

Dura Nurels CEO

It is a very useful machine. I'm satisfied and happy with Yiptech machine product. Really enjoying it, and I will order again definitely

Zaki Hassan Project Manager

It is very useful for a small factory like ours. Although the machine is not big but works very efficiently. I like this machine and will order order more in future

Natalya Sologub Factory Director

If you're looking for a all-in-one edge banders ,our237 is definitely the machine for you. It offers tons of features and benefits that will help you start your business with high quality . Whether you're edge banding different materials ,files ,whic can help take your edge banding with high quality and efficiency with competitive price




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