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Choose the perfect banding machine for your project with our guide. Learn what Purchasers consider when choosing Edge Banding Machines.

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Worrying about spending much money to buy back the equipment is unsuitable!

Warm-hearted experts: factories should consider their production needs when choosing edge banding machines, such as whether the production of non-standard panels, whether the processing technology of the equipment matches, whether the processing capacity is compatible with the annual output of the factory, etc.

I found that now the factory does the width of smaller panels more. If the width of the production of small panels, you should choose a narrow board edge sealing machine and seal the long strip of plates to consider whether to choose the booster feed device and so on.

Suppose you still can’t decide what kind of equipment to choose. In that case, you can bring the existing products of the factory to the processing test on-site to see visually whether the equipment is suitable for the processing needs of the factory.

Choosing edge banding machine YP870P

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Troubled readers: Can the equipment engineers of edge banding machine manufacturers give some advice to customers who purchase edge banding machines?

Enthusiastic expert: When recommending edge banding machines, suppliers need companies to provide data on product types, production capacity, plate processing process requirements, capital budget, and so on before they can recommend suitable products according to customers’ needs.


Automatic edge banding machine process

For example, companies that produce mainly door panels will recommend models with tracking, while companies that produce mainly cabinets do not need models with tracking. If they are doing whole-house customization, they need a multi-purpose machine.

If customers have high requirements for edge sealing quality, it is recommended that they use edge sealing machines with a double automatic glue application system for upper soluble glue application.

If there is only one production line in the factory, choosing a narrow board machine is recommended, which can solve most of the straight board edge sealing problems, except for shaped and beveled edges, a set of products can be finished on it.

Enterprises with large production scales are recommended to choose high-speed crawler machines and narrow board machines with edge banding to ensure the quality of edge banding at the same time and further improve production efficiency.

Double rail tracking section to strength the speed and stable

Double rail tracking section to strengthen the speed and stable

Trouble readers: traditional hot melt glue sealing, the product has an obvious glue seam. Where is the problem? Is there a way to improve?

Hot melt glue sealing, if the glue seam is obvious, it may be that the equipment is not well-tuned. There are three main parts: the pre-milling knife part, the glue application roller unit, and the pressure wheel unit.

If you want to make the glue seam look good, first of all, the machine must come with a pre-milling device, and the glue application structure must be the upper glue pot glue application because the upper glue pot glue application axis grain than the lower glue pot fine, and the choice of glue and the color of the board corresponds to the color, preferably the same color, with the above conditions to make the product will be the beautiful, almost seamless effect.

1. Abnormality of the pre-milling knife part 

If there is a convex pattern on the base surface of the pre-milled plate, and the glue is not evenly applied, it will form the defect of a too-large glue line.

To detect whether the pre-milling knife is normal, close all units and open only the pre-milling knife. After pre-milling with MDF, observe whether the board’s surface is flat.

If the board is not flat after pre-milling, the solution is to replace the pre-milling cutter with a brand-new one.

pre-mailing station - What Do Factory Equipment Purchasers Consider When Choosing Edge Banding Machines

pre-mailing station – What Do Factory Equipment Purchasers Consider When Choosing Edge Banding Machines

Pre-milling station

Cabinet panels

2. The glue coating roller unit is abnormal

There may be an error in the perpendicularity of the coating roller and the base surface of the plate, and the perpendicularity can be measured with a right-angle ruler.

If the error is large, more than 0.05mm, it is recommended to replace all milling cutters.

straight angle ruler

Straight angle ruler

The temperature of the glue pool is up to 180℃ in hot conditions, so you can’t touch it with your bare hands. The easiest way to check is to find a piece of medium fiber board, adjust the glue application amount to the minimum, and see if the glue is applied evenly on the top and bottom of the end face.

Make slight adjustments by adjusting the bolts to ensure even glue application on the entire end face with minimum glue application.#

3. The pressure wheel unit abnormal

There are residual glue stains on the surface of the pressure wheel, and the surface is not flat, which will cause a poor pressure paste effect. We must clean up in time and then see if the air pressure and pressure wheel are normal.

pressure wheel unit

An error in the verticality of the press wheel can also lead to poor edge sealing, but first, make sure the base surface of the board is flat, and then adjust the verticality of the press wheel.

Troubled readers: wood doors and other super-thick board edge sealing is prone to uneven glue application. How to do?

Enthusiastic experts: wood doors and other super-thick board edge sealing should choose a special edge sealing machine. Wooden door special edge sealing machine-related parameters and ordinary board edge sealing machine is different. The factory in the purchase to consider whether the soluble glue ability is strong enough, whether the equipment is heavy, whether there are 3 degrees angles, and so on.



Troubled readers: What is the current market application of laser edge banding machines? What kind of factory is more suitable for the laser edge sealing machine?

Enthusiastic experts: Compared with traditional hot melt sealing, one of the biggest advantages of laser edge sealing is that there is no glue line, good sealing effect, and beautiful appearance, but it has a disadvantage that it is not waterproof and the bonding strength is not as strong as EVA, not to mention that it cannot be compared with PUR.

As a new type of seamless edge sealing, the promotion of laser edge sealing machines has the consideration of marketing and advertising. However, due to the high price of the laser edge sealing machine, the cost of special edge banding, and the need for a professional equipment team to maintain the stable operation of the equipment at a later stage, the current share in the market is not high.

From the supply data of equipment suppliers, the laser edge sealing machine is more suitable for board furniture enterprises with economic strength. Now, most of the factories that purchase laser edge sealing machines are companies that do office furniture.

Troubled reader: The speed of the front machine of the connecting line can be opened to 32m/min, but the back machine cannot. What is the reason?

Enthusiastic expert: If the edge sealing machine is open for tracking use when sealing the edge, the maximum sealing speed can only be set to 25m/min.

Troubled readers: the wheel angle after sealing is not smooth, and machine debugging is troublesome and inaccurate. What is a good way to solve this?

Warm-hearted experts: This problem should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. The stability of the equipment, whether the tool is consistent with the thickness of the edge sealer, whether there is relief on the board’s surface, etc., will affect the edge sealing effect.

First, choose the most suitable edge sealing equipment for your product positioning, the current market popular application of the structure of two-knife tracking and four-knife tracking two.

Secondly, it is better to be dedicated to the machine so that the thin and thick belts can be switched quickly to avoid frequent transfer of equipment.


Conclusion :

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