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How to Install A Precision Table Saw?

Table of Contents

If you are a Multifunction Dust-Free Precision Saw user, here is a detailed User’s Manual for this precision saw with all the instructions.

Safety Instructions

General safety warnings for power tools

Warn! Read all warnings, instructions, illustrations and regulations provided with the power tool. k failure to follow the instructions listed below can result in electric shock, fire or serious injury.

A. Keep all warnings and instructions for reference.

The term “power tool” in the warning refers to a utility-powered (wired) power tool or a battery-powered (wireless) power tool.

a) Safety of the workplace

  1. Keep the workplace clean and bright. A cluttered and dark venue can cause accidents.
  2. Do not operate power tools in an explosive environment, such as with flammable liquid, gas or dust. Sparks from power tools can ignite dust or gas.
  3. When operating power tools, keep them away from children and bystanders. Inattention can cause you to lose control of your tools.

b) Electrical safety

  1. The power tool plug must match the socket. Never modify the plug in any way. Do not use any conversion plugs for power tools that need to be grounded. Unmodified plugs and matching sockets will reduce the risk of electric shock.
  2. Avoid touching grounded surfaces such as pipes, heat sinks and refrigerators. If you physically touch a grounded surface, you will increase the risk of electric shock.
  3. Exposing power tools to rain or humid environments is not recommended, as water entering the device can increase the risk of electric shock.
  4. To prevent the risk of electric shock, it’s essential to handle power tool cords with care. Never abuse the cord by using it to carry, pull, or unplug the tool, and be sure to keep it away from heat, oil, sharp edges, or moving parts. Using a damaged or entangled cord can significantly increase the risk of electric shock, so always inspect the cord before use and replace it if necessary.
  5. When using power tools outdoors, use extension cords suitable for outdoor use. Suitable for outdoor use, Wires will reduce the risk of electric shock.
  6. If it is unavoidable to operate power tools in a humid environment, a device with residual current should be used (RCD) Protected power supply. The use of RCD can reduce the risk of electric shock.

Note: The term “Residual Current Operated Protector (RCD)n can be replaced by the terms “Ground Fault Circuit Breaker (GFCI)” and “Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)n.

c) Personal safety

  1. Stay alert, pay attention to your actions, and stay awake when operating power tools. Do not operate power tools when tired or responding to drugs, alcohol, or treatment. Momentary negligence when operating power tools can cause serious personal injury.
  2. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear goggles. Protective devices, such as dust masks, non-skid safety shoes, hard hats, and hearing protection under appropriate conditions, can reduce personal injury.
  3. Prevent accidental starting. Ensure that the switch is off before connecting the power source and battery pack, picking up or carrying the tool. Carrying tools with fingers on the switch or powering them on when the switch is on can cause danger.
  4. Before turning on the power tool, remove all adjustment keys or wrenches. The wrench or key left on the rotating parts of the power tool can cause personal injury.
  5. Don’t stretch your hands too much. Always pay attention to your footing and body balance. This can better control the power tool in unexpected situations.
  6. Dress appropriately. Do not wear loose clothes or accessories. Keep your hair and clothes away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair, may be caught in moving parts.
  7. If a device for connecting with chip removal and dust collection equipment is provided, ensure it is well-connected and used properly. The use of dust collection devices can reduce the danger caused by dust.
  8. Please don’t take it lightly because of the familiarity generated by the frequent use of tools, and ignore the safety guidelines of tools. A careless action may cause serious injury in an instant.

d) The use and precautions of electric tools

  1. Do not use power tools reluctantly. Use appropriate power tools according to the purpose. Choosing appropriate power tools designed according to rated values? will make your work more efficient and safer.
  2. If the switch cannot turn on or off the tool power, the power tool cannot be used. Power tools that switches cannot control are dangerous and must be repaired.
  3. Before making any adjustments, changing accessories or storing power tools, the plug must be unplugged from the power source and the battery pack (if removable) must be removed. This protective safety measure reduces the risk of accidental starting of the power tool.
  4. Store unused power tools out of children’s reach, and do not allow people who are unfamiliar with power tools and those who do not understand these instructions to operate power tools. Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users.
  5. Maintain power tools and accessories. Check whether the moving parts are adjusted in place or stuck, and check the damage to the parts and other conditions that affect the power tool’s operation. If damaged, repair the power tool before use. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained power tools.
  6. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Well-maintained tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to jam and are easier to control.
  7. According to the operating instructions and considering the operating conditions and the work to be performed, select the power tools, accessories, and tool bits. Using power tools for operations that are incompatible with their purpose may cause danger.
  8. Keep the handle and gripping surface dry and clean, free of grease. In an accident, the slippery handle cannot guarantee the safety of holding and the control of the tool.

e) Repair the power tools using the same spare parts by professional maintenance personnel, and this will ensure the safety of the power tool is repaired.

Instructions For Use

  1. Saw blade lifting adjustment; the large saw blade is lifted by the push rod. You only need to press the lifting switch to control the saw blade lifting, and the sub-saw blade needs to loosen the fixed knob and manually adjust the upper and lower positions for lifting adjustment.
  2. Saw blade mitre cutting: first, loosen the left and right angle fastening bolts (four in total), swing the saw head to the right to 45° with the aluminium alloy flip board as a support, and use the angle ruler to measure and then lock the two fastening bolts Reach the required angle.
  3. Dust collection configuration and installation: insert the dust collection motor outlet into the dust collection tube, and insert the other end of the tube into the plastic interface of the dust collection bag to clamp it (clean up regularly)
  4. Saw blade installation and disassembly: press the main shaft pin of the main shaft sideways of the main motor, and the wrench removes the bolt to replace the main saw blade. The sub-saw uses two wrenches to clamp the sub-data installation bolt to replace the sub-saw blade (bolts are reversed) (the main saw is positive). Fixed with threaded bolts, sub-saw is fixed with counter-threaded bolts)
  5. Saw blade left and right adjustment: The large saw blade is at a fixed position, and it can only move up and down, and only needs to adjust the left and right direction of the sub-saw blade to reach the same straight line with the sub-saw blade. First, loosen the adjusting nut on the sub-motor mounting frame and turn the handle to adjust. Rotate the saw blade clockwise to move inward, and rotate counterclockwise to move outward.

Precision Saw Machine Parameters

Upside-down oblique cut 45 degrees + trolley handling

[ninja_tables id=”17786″]

Voltage:220V/110VDust-free Power:1200W
NetWeight:23KGSBig Saw Power:2680W
Saw Blade:8+4 inchesSmall Saw Power:1180W
L*W*H:60*40*34CMRunning Speed:7800/4800
The dust collection effect can reach more than 95%, the structure is compact, the separate switch is folded and telescopic, and it is convenient to carry. The aluminium alloy flip board can be quickly raised and lowered and bevelled at 45 degrees. The adjustable saw blade can be fine-tuned left and right.

Precision Saw Machine parameters

Precision Saw Machine parameters-2

Precision Saw Machine parameters-4 - Multifunction Dust-Free Precision Saw User's Manual
Precision Saw Machine parameters-4 – Multifunction Dust-Free Precision Saw User’s Manual

Dust Bag Installation

The dust bag is a buckle structure; insert the dust tube into the plastic sleeve of the dust bag mouth before use.

Safety Guard Installation

Install the guard, adjust the height, tighten the screws, and start using.

Start Using

  1. Before cutting: Make sure that the saw blade is running at full speed and that the safety guard is installed in place.
  2. If the datasheet gets stuck or makes an abnormal sound during operation, immediately turn off the power switch.
  3. Be careful not to bring the cable close to the rotating saw blade at any time.
  4. Using the saw blade loosely or diagonally without dust is very dangerous, and it should be avoided at any time.
  5. Unplug the power plug after the operation is completed.


1. Inspection of the saw blade

If you continue to use the blunt saw blade, it will reduce the efficiency and even overload the motor, which will burn the motor. Therefore, the new saw blade should be replaced in time, or the saw blade should be sharpened again.

2. Inspection of equipment building nails

Regularly check the assembly screws. If they are found to be loose, they should be tightened immediately to prevent accidents.

3. Maintenance of the motor

The motor winding is the most important part of this tool. Do not expose it to moisture, oil and water.

4. Inspection of carbon brush

Since carbon brushes are vulnerable parts, excessively worn carbon brushes can cause motor failure. Replace the new carbon brushes in time. In addition, keep the carbon brushes clean and ensure that the carbon brushes can slide freely into the brush holder. When the carbon brush of the cutting motor is used every 3 months, if the wear exceeds the carbon brush wear line, the two are replaced simultaneously.

5. Replacement of carbon brush

Remove the brush cover screws, open the brush cover, and replace the carbon brush

6. Clean the dust bag

When the collected dust exceeds half the capacity of the dust bag, the dust must be cleaned in time. Otherwise, too much dust will hinder air volume flow and affect dust collection efficiency.

Product Features Introduction

  1. Small size, lightweight, and convenient for workers to carry.
  2. Strong and durable, beautiful and generous.
  3. Green and environmental protection, to avoid secondary pollution in the decorated room and protect construction workers’ health.
  4. The new safety switch and safety cover can prevent construction personnel from causing personal injury due to operating errors.
  5. Dry dust removal, longer motor life, safe and reliable.
  6. It is convenient for workers to clean the dust, and the elastic dust bag makes dust removal fast and convenient.

Precautions For Dust-Free Saws

  1. The carbon brushes of the cutting motor should be checked and replaced after 3 months of use. If the wear exceeds 2/3, the two carbon brushes should be replaced at the same time.
  2. When cutting materials, dust must be cleaned in time. Excessive dust storage will reduce the performance of the motor, and in severe cases, it will affect the service life of the motor.
  3. If you use a dull saw blade, it can diminish efficiency and put more strain on the motor. To ensure optimal performance, it’s recommended that you either replace the saw blade with a new one or sharpen it promptly when it becomes blunt.
  4. The motor is the most important part of the tool. Do not expose it to moisture, oil and water.
  5. Regularly check each assembly screw; if it is found to be loose, re-tighten it immediately to prevent unexpected accidents.

Saw Blade Disassembly And Assembly

Note: The power plug must be unplugged before installing and removing the saw blade.

1. Installation

  1. When rotating the bolt, the wrench in the accessory must be used; otherwise, the saw blade cannot be tightened, and the small fixed screw at the front end is a reverse wire. Please pay attention to Rotating counterclockwise to fix; the main cutting saw blade fixing screw is a positive wire, which needs to be rotated clockwise to fix.
  2. Before inserting the power plug, check whether the saw blade has been flexibly rotated.
  3. After the blade is installed, check that the direction of the arrow marked on the saw blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the shield.

2. Disassembly

  1.  Use a wrench to screw up the bolts fixing the saw blade.
  2. Note: The small saw blade fixing screw at the front is reverse wire and needs to be turned clockwise to loosen; the main cutting saw blade fixing screw is positive wire and needs to be turned counterclockwise to loosen it.
  3. After removing the data sheet, the pressure sheet and bolts should be reset.

General Troubleshooting

Before entrusting the maintenance department to repair, please check the following points:

Faultpossible reasonApproach
Cutting motor Stop or not when running

1.  Check that the carbon brush wear exceeds 2/3, or the wear surface of the carbon brush is not smooth

2.  Check whether there is any disconnection or false connection at the line joints.

3.  The carbon brush is not replaced in time, resulting in damage to the rotor.

1.  Replace the carbon brushes of the same model in time.

2.  Connect the line.

3. Close to the rotor.

Reduced suction

1.  Check whether there are wood chips and other debris in the dust opening under the saw blade bin.

2. There is too much dust on the inner wall of the dust bag to block the vent

1.  Remove the blockage in time

2. Turn over the dust bag, dry it in the sun and pat it clean

Reminder: A quick reminder that we use our own custom-designed electronic brush holder in a variety of our models to help extend the service life of the motor windings. It avoids the shortcomings of damaging the motor due to the exhaustion of the brushes, and the tool has a longer service life. After the user purchases the motor tool, after a period of use, the brush on the motor and the commutator (commutator) go through a continuous process. The friction shortens the brush, and the spark is too large due to the poor contact between the brush and the commutator, and it stops and rotates or does not rotate (the automatic protection of the brush holder is in effect).

Packing List

1Host1 set
2Dust bag1 pc

Safety guard

/knife guard

1 set
4Saw blade2 pcs



1 set
6Wrench tool1 set

Note: Due to the continuous research and improvement of the product, the manual will not be notified if there is any modification.

Dust-Free Saw Warranty Card


  1. Warrant period
    1. Under normal use, within 3 months from the date of purchase, the rotor commutator’s radial surface wear is below 0.2mm (that is, the wear on the surface of the commutator is within 0. 1mm).
    2. Operate and maintain strictly with the instructions within 3 months from the date of purchase.
    3. We offer a warranty for up to three months from the date of purchase for any defects that arise due to quality issues.
    4. Please show the whole machine, warranty card and original invoice when guaranteeing.
    5. This warranty card is only valid for use in China.
  2. The following situations occur during the warranty period, which is not covered by the warrant.
    1. Damage caused by natural wear, overload, or improper use.
    2. The expendable parts are normally worn and damaged.
    3. Damage caused by failure to use original parts and accessories as required.
    4. Any product that has been opened, repaired, replaced or modified by oneself0
    5. After the machine is sold, the damage caused by the user is due to improper transportation and storage.
    6. The machine number is inconsistent with the warranty card number or cannot be identified.

A Note: The company reserves the right to modify the above regulations, and the final interpretation right belongs to the production company

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